Is it fall without pumpkin flavored foods?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
First, I want to start off by saying, yes, I am alive, and back blogging again. I really suck at maintaining a blog lately, and its honestly because I really have nothing to talk about. Fashion bloggers talk about clothes, beauty bloggers talk about lipstick, and I, a lifestyle blogger should talk about life but... with work and school, I haven't had much of one lately. Things are starting to tune down, which gives me time to enjoy life again finally. I also am excited to revive my blog, due to it being my favorite time of year, holiday season! I have a lot of post planned due to events that should hopefully take place soon. Now, on to the post.

 Normally, I just go out and buy all the pumpkin flavored treats. I stock up on them at home and by thanksgiving, I'm all pumpkin'd out. This year, I decided to buy an actual pumpkin and make homemade treats.

I didn't go all the way Betty Crocker for these however, I used used pancake mix with fresh pumpkin and of course cinnamon, ginger, and a little bit of allspice. I used a half a cup of pumpkin with my pancake mix, but if you want more pumpkin flavor, add do a full cup instead. I would also add sugar if you prefer it particularly sweet.

If you have never used fresh pumpkin, you would need to bake it until its really tender and then puree it.

Heat your waffle iron and once the batter is mixed, pour batter and let waffles bake until golden brown. Top with some butter and powder sugar, whipped cream if you're feeling extra sweet.

Don't get rid of those seeds, clean them really well and sprinkle some of your favorite seasons on there, along with a little oil and pop them in the oven.

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