I'm back... Again, Again.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

It seemed like January would never end and February seems to be flying by. So how’s life you ask? It’s pretty damn  decent if i do say so myself. I think anytime you start the year with a raise from work, it’s great. Nikki and I are still happy living in our little apartment, although house talk has taken place over the past week. Right now it’s just harmless conversation, but we think it might become serious discussion. 

Remember that spending freeze that I set in place in a previous post? That is going.... nowhere. So about a week after I posted it, I’m pretty sure I purchased like 10 things on the list I wasn’t supposed to. However , I did end up returning most of it, seeing they were truly impulse buys. The spending freeze was supposed to help me save money, and pay off debts, but we’ve actually paid off a good chunk of it. In fact we should be done paying most of it in about 6 months. 

I am trying to continue to blog steadily. With work and now finishing school, I do not have time to make super long thought out post. I really don’t want to be that blogger that makes only monthly updates. I do want to write meaningful blogs that you would be interested in vs creating the same blog post you see every day. I also maybe need to stop changing my blog design every time I want to post.

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